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Community: Private Messaging
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As a Community Admin, you can use private message professionals through the "View Connected Professionals" page.

Step 1:

From your Community Home page, click on the "View Connected Professionals" button.
Community Home page hghlighting View Connected Professionals button

Step 2:

While on the View Connected Professionals page, click on the "Send Private Message" (envelope) icon in the table.
Connected Professionals page highlighting Private Message button

NOTE: If you have chosen to opt-out of private messaging in the "Opt-Out" tab of your profile, you will not have access to the Private Message system and will be unable to send or receive any messages.

Step 3:

Fill in the required Subject and Body fields. When done, click "Save."
message editor form highlighting Subject, Body fields and Save button

You will be redirected to your Private Message mailbox upon clicking "Save."

The Profile allows you to enter and edit personal information in ACEMAPP.

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