Checking Evaluation Completion Status

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Checking Evaluation Completion Status
Member Types:

If your organization allows access to check evaluation completion status, follow the steps below to view the status of member evaluations.

NOTE: This is an optional feature and must be enabled during evaluation setup.

Step 1:

From your home page, click the "Rotations" tab.

navigation bar highlighting Rotations button

Step 2:

In the Rotations table, click on the blue "Evaluations" (clipboard icon) button under the "Actions" column.

rotation table highlighting evaluations button

This is the Viewed Attached Evaluations page. Rotations can have multiple evaluations.

image of View Attached Evaluations example

View Responding Members

Step 1:

From the View Attached Evaluations page, click the "View" (eye icon).

image View Attached Evaluations page highlighting view button

Step 2:

The Responding Members page will give you basic information on the evaluation, the member's name, and the current status of their response.

image of Responding Members page

To learn more, please contact ACEMAPP Support at 844-223-4292 or email us at

A rotation is a scheduled clinical experience.

A rotation is a scheduled clinical experience.

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