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Create A Rotation
Member Types:

Please follow these steps to create a rotation request with one of your partnered entities in ACEMAPP.

Step 1:

Click the "+ Create Rotation" button in your navigation bar.

ihome screen pointing to Create Rotation button

Step 2:

If a site you want to request a rotation with is not listed within the partner field, your school does not have an active partnership in ACEMAPP with this program, or that partner does not accept that Experience Type.Most clinical sites only accept Cohort Rotation and Precepted Rotation as the Experience Type.

  • Select the Program.
  • Enter the Experience Type.
  • Enter the Partner(s).

Once saved, the Program, Experience, and Partners fields can't be edited. Confirm that the info you entered is correct and click "Save."

create a rotation table and save button

Step 3:

Complete all required fields. Set the Status to "Pending" for the clinical site to review and click "Save."

The required fields in the Edit of the rotation will vary depending on the information requested by each clinical site.

rotation form

The Conflict Checker

The Conflict Checker can be used to ensure no scheduling conflicts with other rotations. The Conflict Checker will search for any conflicts based on the following fields:

  • Unit
  • Start/End Date
  • Days of the Week
  • Shift Start/End

conflicts tab and the Conflict Checker box with conflicting rotation.

An Entity is a School, Clinical Site, High School, Company, etc.

A rotation is a scheduled clinical experience.

A rotation is a scheduled clinical experience.

A rotation is a scheduled clinical experience.

A rotation is a scheduled clinical experience.

A rotation is a scheduled clinical experience.

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