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Completing Evaluations
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Your school and/or clinical site may assign you an evaluation to complete in ACEMAPP. You will receive a notification on your home page when you have an evaluation that you need to complete.

Step 1:

When you have an evaluation to complete, you will see a blue notification on your home screen. You will also receive an email. Click on the Notification to be taken to the Evaluations table.

You may also find your evaluations under the "More" tab on your home screens and select "Evaluations" from the drop-down.

Click the Notification or Navigate by Clicking the More button
image Notification panel showing Pending Evaluation and image user nav-bar pointing to More button and Evaluation button from dropdown!

Step 2:

The evaluations table contains any pending, active, completed, and expired evaluations. To complete an evaluation, click the "Edit" (pencil) icon under the Actions column.

Image shows edit pencil button in evaluations table.

Step 3:

This screen will provide you with some details about the Evaluation. Click "Begin Evaluation" when you are ready.

image showing Begin Evaluation button

Step 4:

Answer the questions, and click "Save" before moving on to the next section.

Image shows save button on an in-progress evaluation.

Step 5:

On this page, if comments are enabled for your evaluation, you will see a Comment area. Please type any comments or feedback in the comments box.

Image shows evaluator comments box.

Step 6:

Sign your name in the signature box. Click the "checkbox" to accept the terms and conditions and then click the "Submit Evaluation". For more information, please visit our help desk guide Signing Forms Electronically.

Image shows signature box and submit evaluation button.

Step 7:

If enabled, you may view existing comments and add additional comments (feedback) by clicking on the "Comments" button in your Evaluations table.

Image shows comments button in evaluations table.

NOTE: If you have any questions or need assistance, please email or call 844-223-4292.

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