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Viewpoint Screening
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Viewpoint Screening

ACEMAPP interfaces with Viewpoint Screening to simplify the compliance process for members.

How to Create and/or link your Viewpoint Screening account:

Please follow the steps below to create and/or link your ACEMAPP account to your Viewpoint Screening account.

Step 1:

From your Student/Clinical Faculty home page, click on the "Viewpoint Screening" logo in the "Vendors" window.

Member home screen highlighting the Viewpoint Screening button

Step 2:

A new tab will open. Click on the green "Click to go to Viewpoint Screening" button to be redirected out of ACEMAPP and to the Viewpoint Screening page.

Vendor splash page highlighting the Click to go to Viewpoint Screening Students button

Step 3:

When on the Viewpoint Screenings page, click "Find Your School" to begin.

Viewpoint Screening homepage highlighting Find Your School button

Click on the "Start Your Order" button.
Viewpoint Screening school page highlighting Start Your Order button

Click on the program name and then click the link provided. Viewpoint Screening Start Your Order modal highlighting program link

Review the package summary page and then click "Next." Viewpoint Screening package summary page highlighting Next button

Complete the Applicant Information form. Viewpoint Screening applicant form

Click "Next" to complete your order.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact ACEMAPP Customer Support at 844-223-4292 or email

The completion of all required items in ACEMAPP.

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