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Preceptor Time Report by Entity
Member Types:
If you track your preceptors in ACEMAPP, this report will break down all preceptor's time by entity location.
Profile Completion Report
Member Types:
After the rotation is approved and everyone assigned to the rotation shows compliance, you will receive an email with a Profile Completion Report attached. You may also access an up-to-date Profile Completion Report in ACEMAPP.
Reporting Dashboard
Member Types:
ACEMAPP offers a wide range of reports that can be accessed from the reporting dashboard. This article explains how to personalize the view of your most frequently used reports by organizing your favorites.
Requirement Ownership Report
Member Types:
If your entity is utilizing the Requirement Ownership feature, this report gives you a quick view and access to those members which have not been checked by an authorized user.
Rotation Compliance Report
Member Types:
This report will find all rotations that match and give you a list of the members, along with any requirements, assessments, or SCORM modules, per rotation.
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