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Member Requirement Report
Member Types:
The Requirement Compliance report helps by showing you the current status of members' requirements. Note: In order to view a historical record of a member's requirements, please use the Profile Completion Report.
Member Rotation Requirement Report
Member Types:
The Member Rotation Requirement Report lists all requirement items that affect members.
On Site Report
Member Types:
View members on-site for rotations at/from partnering organizations on any given date. Use optional filters, such as course, unit, or partner, to narrow your results. You may email members directly from this report and export results to a CSV format.
On-Boarding Progress Report
Member Types:
The On-Boarding Progress report allows you to view the completeness of members (i.e., Students, Faculty, etc.) assigned to approved and pending rotations. The list will also display members (i.e., Students, Faculty, etc.) who have missing requirements and whether the roster has been sent.
Opt-out Email Report
Member Types:
ACEMAPP allows members to control the messages or emails they receive from ACEMAPP. The Opt-out Email Report will enable you to view the members associated with your organization who have opted out of emails.
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