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Welcome to StudentMax Connections!

Through collective engagement, we work towards maximizing clinical capacity in acute care, supporting innovative models in clinical education, and enabling our Partners to efficiently manage clinical placements throughout Oregon and the southwest Washington region.

Once assigned to an approved clinical placement, please complete the clinical site-specific requirements for the applicable clinical site prior to the start of the clinical experience. Students should satisfy and submit clinical site-specific requirements to your clinical faculty or per the advised instructions in ACEMAPP. If students have questions, please contact your clinical faculty. Faculty should submit clinical site-specific requirements of your clinical group to the clinical site contact per the advised instructions. If faculty have questions, please contact your clinical coordinator or contact ACEMAPP at or 844-223-4292.

Click on the clinical site below to see their site-specific requirements:


Our consortium is a collaborative of 27 Clinical and Educational Partners. To learn more, please visit our website at

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