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Create New Member Account
Member Types:
Create new member accounts for Students, Clinical Faculty, Preceptors, and Observers using the "Add One" feature.
Create Time Logs
Member Types:
Time logs track your time spent with preceptors. You can connect your time logs to the specific skills that were observed, assisted with, or performed during your time with your preceptor.
Directory Entities and Members: Student View
Member Types:
The Directory system allows your school to manage a list of Entities and Members. This list is managed by your school. If you have any questions about a listed entity or member, please reach out to your school coordinator.
Directory: Manage Entities
Member Types:
Welcome to the introductory tutorial on ACEMAPP’s directory system. This tutorial will look at adding entities and uploading entity documents.
Directory: Manage Members
Member Types:
The Directory system allows you to create and manage accounts specific to your organization. This includes adding programs, sharing across multiple facilities or schools, managing schedules, providing preceptor details, and license information. This also provides your students and faculty to view this directory list.
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