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Profile, Payment, and Home Page Navigation
Member Types:
Member guide to completing the profile, submitting a membership payment, and navigating to the home page in ACEMAPP.
Requirement Configuration View
Member Types:
Requirement Configuration allows coordinators to view how requirements, courses, modules, assessments, shared fields, SCORMs, and more are set up for your Entity in ACEMAPP.
School User Guide
Member Types:
ACEMAPP provides a secure online platform for schools to manage student clinical experiences. Our School User guide covers everything you need to know to get up and running quickly, including logging into your account, navigating the platform, and accessing essential resources to help manage learners.
Search and Request Partnerships
Member Types:
The partnership directory is where schools and clinical sites manage their partnerships in ACEMAPP. Use the partnership directory to request new partnerships and manage partnership documents. Schools must have an active partnership with the clinical site to request a rotation.
Student User Guide
Member Types:
ACEMAPP is a collaborative platform for healthcare education, compliance, and recruitment. Your responsibility is to stay up to date with your ACEMAPP account, including checking your inbox for reminders and alerts.
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