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Member Types:
The Access End Date, previously known as the Graduation Date, is used to clarify when the student should no longer have access to your Entity. Once this date arrives, the student will automatically lose its active affiliation with your organization.
Accessing a Member's ePortfolio
Member Types:
Access a student's ePortfolio to review the educational, professional, and extracurricular accomplishments they have uploaded into ACEMAPP.
Accessing Your ACEMAPP Transcript
Member Types:
Your ACEMAPP transcript is a great way to review and export the information stored in ACEMAPP. Your ACEMAPP transcript includes your general profile information, requirements & assessments history, rotation history, and other information stored in ACEMAPP.
Member Types:
ACEMAPP Applications can serve a number of purposes. Applications can be used to assist with rotations, affiliation requests, employee affiliations, etc. 
Assign Member(s) to Rotation
Member Types:
When you assign a member to a rotation, they receive notification of the rotation details and are prompted to check their account for clinical requirements. Students or Faculty can access clinical site requirements only after being assigned to the rotation.
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